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Darcie Yeagher & Kaitlyn Carter

Introducing Darcie Yeagher and Kaitlyn Carter, your dynamic duo hailing from the dynamic East Coast. With Darcie grounded in vibrant hub of Fort Myers and Kaitlyn immersed in Miami’s artistic scene, our collaboration has flourished into a powerhouse partnership as leading luxury art and furniture sa. Operating from the captivating coasts to the urban buzz, we’ve seamlessly woven our talents, extending our influence throughout the Sunshine State. Discover a fusion of East Coast energy, artistic flair, and professional finesse as we guide you through a world of premium design possibilities.

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Let’s Work Together

Kaitlyn Carter

Miami, Fl 

Tel: 910-685-2487

Darcie Yeagher

Fort Myers, Fl 

Tel: 239-287-0405

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