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Lillian August

With drama and a mastery of story telling, Lillian’s lifestyle designs are coveted for their range of expression — from glamour to clean, edited forms. Her trademark looks blend periods and styles to reflect her signature point of view. Lillian’s mission is always tempered to the creation of compelling and livable rooms, which answer to today’s fashion and lifestyles.

Our Territory

Our teritory is the East Coast of FL, Jacksonville to the Florida Keys

Buy In

The minimum buy in for opening an order is $750

Lead Times

- 14 Business Days 

- Quick Ship, 7 Business Days

- Immediate Stock, 2 Business Days

Customer Information

Want to Start with Lillian August? What's Next?

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Upcoming Markets

ATLANTA MARKET, July 11-17, AmericaSmart Building I, Suite I3F-2 & I3D

LAS VEGAS MARKET, July 30-August 3, Las Vegas Design Center, Suite A254 & A229

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