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Jamie Young Co.

For over two decades, the husband and wife team of Jamie Young Jeter and David Jeter have worked together as Jamie Young Co., using their love of art, architecture, and adventure to craft approachable, design-driven pieces.

From coast to coast, and around the world, the duo is inspired by their global travels as well as the comfortable and covetable designs of their home in Southern California. Jamie Young Co. brings both worlds together for a down-to-earth yet distinct approach to design.

Our Territory

The East Coast of FL, Jacksonville to the Florida Keys


High Point Market- October 14-18, 2023, IHFC D223

Atlanta Market- Building 1, Floor 15 #C-1

Customer Information

Want to Start with Jamie Young Company? What's Next?

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Upcoming Markets

HIGH POINT MARKET: October 14-18

ATLANTA MARKET: January 16-22nd

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